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Soul Science

Speculations about the nature of the soul can be expressed in terms of hypotheses. The goal is to find objective methods to test those hypotheses. We can start with personal human experiences as relevant data, but our aim is to strive for scientific objectivity.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mind, Brain, Soul

Most conceptualizations of the soul involve the idea that souls are not composed of ordinary matter. In contract, our brains are understood as collections of atoms arranged in the form of complex biological molecules, cells, and intricate neuronal networks.

Within neuroscience, attempts are made to understand mind as the functional product of brain activity. Many conceptualizations of the soul involve the idea that souls have minds independent of any dependence on physical brains.

Within the current century, we may realize Alan Turring's dream of producing mechanical devices with human-like minds. So, are there biological brains, machine brains and non-physical souls that can all have minds?


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