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Soul Science

Speculations about the nature of the soul can be expressed in terms of hypotheses. The goal is to find objective methods to test those hypotheses. We can start with personal human experiences as relevant data, but our aim is to strive for scientific objectivity.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Lyricus Teaching Order

One of the major parts of the Science of the Soul wiki is the section dealing with the Lyricus Teaching Order.

The Lyricus Teaching Order concerns a scientific investigation of the soul that is based on a multidisciplinary approach that has its roots in the Wingmakers and Lyricus websites. Currently, the Wingmakers/Lyricus community is served by a discussion forum that can be accessed from the Wingmakers website. There is a science of the soul thread in that forum.

According to the Lyricus approach to scientific study of the soul, sciences such as genetics and the study of cultural evolution are going to be central to the development of a viable science of the soul. These are two of the seven areas of research identified as critical by the Lyricus Teaching Order.


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