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Soul Science

Speculations about the nature of the soul can be expressed in terms of hypotheses. The goal is to find objective methods to test those hypotheses. We can start with personal human experiences as relevant data, but our aim is to strive for scientific objectivity.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Out of body experiences and lucid dreaming

The Spiritual Experiences Consortium is exploring personal experiences that are sometimes taken as evidence of a non-material domain that might be present beyond the conventional understanding of existing science. These experiences are on many types including channeling, near death experiences (NDEs), multiple personalities and certain dreams.

The Out of Body Experience Research Foundation has a website where people can share their stories of Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). Jody and Jeffrey Long recognize that OBEs can be spiritually transformative events. The Out of Body Experience Research Foundation is a resource for consciousness studies with extensive information about different states of consciousness and a research program for the study of OBEs.

Lucid Dreaming is a state of sleep during which the dreamer is consciously aware that one is in a dream and able to have some conscious control over the content of the dream. Lucid dreams are sometimes interpreted as an experience of a non-physical domain.

The Lucidity Institute is developing an approach to the study of lucid dreaming that includes experiments aimed at increasing the human capacity for inducing lucid dreams. The Lucidity Institute is collecting descriptions of lucid dreaming experiences leading up to a September 15, 2005 deadline. The dream experiences will be analyzed and a report will be produced.

The Spiritual Experiences Consortium is interested in the systematic collection and study of all personal experiences that can be interpreted as evidence for a non-material spiritual domain. Feel free to contribute descriptions of you experiences at the Science of the Soul Wiki.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Science of the soul projects

The following projects are being developed at the science of the soul wiki:

Journal of Soul Science - we need to bring peer-reviewed publication to Soulistry.
Proposed Experiments - new ways to collect data about the soul.
Science questions - are we asking the right questions?
Soul Thesaurus - translating between the jargon of materialism and the jargon of spirituality.
Spiritual Experiences Consortium - The soul science blog is now part of the ring!

Spiritual Experiences

A new project at the Science of the Soul wiki is the collection of spiritual experiences in cooperation with the Spiritual Experiences Consortium.

Many people have had experiences that they interpret as involving contact with a non-material domain of spirit or soul. The Spiritual Experiences webring connects websites that are collecting accounts of such personal experiences.

The Spiritual Experiences Consortium is a group of websites that are collecting descriptions of personal experiences that are interpreted as contact with a spiritual domain or non-material entities (soul).

Spiritual Experiences
Spiritual Experiences by jwschmidt
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